1. Do I need to install any new software?
No. Once you sign up for our email service all you need to do to access your virus and spam free email acount is change the setting within your mail programme (Outlook, Outlook Express etc).

2. What desktop email programs does Easy Email support?
We support Eudora, Netscape, Mozilla, Mac Mail, all versions of MS Outlook except for Outlook 97, and virtually any other POP3 compatible program.

Outlook 97 is not supported because it does not provide SMTP Authentication, which is needed in order to send emails securely.

3. Why do you require SMTP Authentication when configuring MS Outlook?
SMTP authentication adds additional security to the email system and prevents Spammers from using the system for open relay and spamming purposes.

4. Will Spam filtering work if I am using MS Outlook?
Yes. Spam filtering can be set up to filter into Outlook. Email users have the ability to add text to the subject line or message body of Spam emails. Users can then set up Outlook to filter based on that text.

5. Can I adjust the sensitivity on my Spam Filtering?
Yes. Email administrators and users can set their Spam filtering levels to "High," "Low," or "Exclusive." This can be done by clicking on the "Acct Options" section located on the left menu of your Webmail interface, and then by clicking on "Spam filtering level."

6. What happens to Spam once it is filtered?
Email administrators and users can specify what happens to Spam emails once filtered. Spam can be delivered to a "Junk Mail" Webmail folder, deleted immediately, delivered as an attachment, deliver to an alternate address, or text can be added to the email so that it can be filtered in Outlook. Alternatively, the filter can be ignored altogether. You can choose how you want your Spam to be handled by clicking on the "Acct Options" section located on the left menu of your Webmail interface and then by clicking on "Spam filtering level."

7. Are there any firewalls that may interfere with SMTP Authentication?
Yes. Cisco PIX firewalls interfere with SMTP Authentication. To correct this, you will need to add the following line to the Cisco PIX configuration file:

no fixup protocol smtp 25

8. If my ISP is blocking my use the standard SMTP port 25, do you offer an alternate SMTP port that I can use?
Yes. If you are being blocked from using the standard SMTP port 25, you can switch to using the SMTP port 587.

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