Webmail Version 3.1 Released, Adding Dozens of New Features and System Improvements

Easy Email, the sister brand to Easy Web Hosting, are pleased to announce the launch of Version 3.1 of its webmail interface, adding dozens of new features and system improvements. The latest version provides new security features, additional browser support and a number of webmail client user interface improvements.

Some of the webmail Version 3.1 feature additions and interface enhancements include:

  • Improved support of Firefox, Netscape and Safari web browsers
  • "Trust Sender" button allows email users to quickly add email addresses to their Spam Filtering Safe List
  • "Report Spam" button allows email users to quickly report spam that bypasses existing Spam filters
  • Ability to view plain text attachments in the body of the email
  • Ability to view .eml and .msg file attachments directly from webmail
  • Ability to shift-click a range of emails to move or delete batches at a time
  • Enhanced options for configuring signatures when composing, replying, and forwarding messages
  • Row highlighting when hovering a message, clearly distinguishing which email is selected
  • Ability to enable or disable auto-complete of email addresses when composing a message

  • For more information please contact us or visit easy.email.co.uk.


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